Clinical Eye Tracker

The Clinical Eye Tracker is increasingly being used as a tool in managing reading difficulties with children where it has proved useful in managing accommodation lag anomalies and vergence during reading. It is also the only objective method for identifying patients who benefit from coloured filters. These coloured filters are provided by ReadEZ Screening Software within the Clinical Eye Tracker.

The ReadEZ Screening Software simulates the effects of coloured overlays and spectacles by changing the background colour of the screen. To determine the optimum colour, a sample of text is displayed on the screen while the colour of the background is changed systematically. The observer is asked to report which colour is most comfortable or minimises their symptoms. The effectiveness of the colours is assessed using a variety of test stimuli and reading tests.

It is not possible to fully investigate reading performance with conventional clinical tests. The Clinical Eye Tracker is able to record and quantify eye movements and binocular vision while children are actually performing real-world tasks such as reading. This provides new insights into dynamic binocular vision and reading performance.